The Crit–Rate Gamer Houses

Here you’ll find a breakdown of each of our 5 Gamer Houses and the 7 player trait categories used to determine which House you belong to.

As the site grows and we learn more about how we like to play, we’ll add our discoveries here!


Always three steps ahead, the Vantagist will take an extra look before leaping. Rather than fear difficulty and complexity, this player is driven to overcome them. These gamers are usually lone wolves, but beware if you encounter them in a competitive setting–they’re here to win.

High scores in Strategy and Difficulty.


The Curionaut is here for the thrill of adventure. They love to build, explore, discover, and immerse themselves in the story of a game. To them, it’s all about carving their own path and experiencing everything the game has to offer.

High scores in Experimentation and Slow–Paced gameplay.


No stone left unturned, no achievement unclaimed, the Ascendiary won’t settle for anything less than 100%. Their dedication to specific games is often rewarded with a level of knowledge and skill that few can rival.

High scores in For Glory and Solo gameplay.


The Galabander is the ultimate teammate. They thrive when playing with others and have no problem with pausing a solo journey to embark on a social one. It doesn’t matter whether it’s exploring, taking down a boss, or just hanging out in the lobby together, the Galabander is game.

High scores in For Fun and Multiplayer.


To the Bravadier, challenging others is typically top of mind, especially if there’s a match to be won. Their cunning, competitive spirit is accentuated by their prowess for on–the–fly creative problem–solving.

High scores in For Glory and Fast–Paced gameplay.

Profile Player Traits

Each profile type consists of 7 different criteria, each with 2 opposite traits. Everyone is unique and will possess tendencies towards all traits, but will often be more inclined towards one over the other.

On top of that, there are a 7 different levels per each criteria, making a total of 49 different possible player traits. In some instances, a player will enjoy both traits equally and be considered balanced on that criterion.

Where your traits fall determine your Crit–Rate profile and your Gamer House! Below, you’ll find details about each trait.


This criterion reflects the level of importance that winning is to our enjoyment. Those who simply love the experience of playing are For Fun and those who seek the thrill of winning are For Glory.

For Fun
For Glory

This criterion demonstrates our preferences for playing with others. Those who enjoy taking in all a game has to offer by themselves are Solo and those who love the experience of interacting with others are Multiplayer.


This criterion underpins our desire for difficulty, or lack thereof. Those who play for the experience, not the frustration, are on the Easy spectrum and those who always take the road least traveled will be on the Hard side.


This criterion illustrates how we progress. Those who forge ahead with purpose and direction are Practical while those who wander and find their own objective are Experimental.


This criterion determines how we approach a situation. Those who carefully gauge the situation before acting are more Planning oriented while those who react and adjust on the fly are more Spontaneous.


This criterion depicts what aspects of a game we are absorbed by most. Those who sink into the feel and flow of the gameplay are Mechanic–focused and those who are swept away by the world and its characters are Story–focused.


This criterion shows how we prefer engaging with our games. Those who savor the moment and take their time are on the Slow side and those who want to progress and make decisions are Fast.